When your printer makes you want to throw it out the window

This is all I can think of when I run into situations like this:

Let me tell you the story of what happened and you might feel the same way – I know you would if it happened to you!

Last week when I was working on getting things ready to print, I started getting some bogus errors about my printer. I didn’t think anything at first. What I actually thought was I just needed to update my driver since I hadn’t printed in months. Boy was I wrong about that. Turns out I had a crazy error with the file associated with my printer spooler.

The error I kept seeing pop up was called spoolsv.exe – supposedly it’s the file responsible for allowing documents to print when you’re running a Microsoft Windows computer.

Being the computer savvy dude I am (eh, kinda), I did some research to see what I could come up with for solutions to this. My research was both enlightening and alarming.

The alarming part was the fact this file can be a virus or malware file in some cases. Hearing that, I dug deeper to see how you can tell if you have the virus or if your file is just corrupt or messed up.

The next thing I found about the spoolsv process was that some simple scans tend to take care of the problem. The site I found explained a bunch of information about the spoolsv.exe virus and how to get rid of it. Plus, they had other information about just removing the spool process altogether – however, this is only useful if you don’t want to print from your computer anymore.

After I ran the scans and made sure everything was working properly, I think my computer was ready to go again.

After the spoolsv.exe issue was resolved, I wanted to make sure this never happened again. I looked through some of the other files they talked about as being common for getting damaged or corrupted to make sure I was ready to go. One of the more common errors with newer Windows computers is the dwm.exe file. Since this file is directly associated with managing windows on the desktop, it can be bogged down or messed up if you have tons of large files, folders, and applications on your desktop. My suggestion: keep your computer clean and don’t let it get to that point!

Feeling quite informed, I did some additional research on the site and found some reviews for some of the applications they talk about.

I came across the RegCure Pro review and wanted to take a detailed look at the review and program before I downloaded it. What I found during my research on RegCure was that it seemed to be one of the best products people recommend for keeping your computer and registry safe and clean of errors. You can read the full RegCure Pro review on their site for more details too.

They also have a video review of the RegCure program if you want to get a quicker view of it instead of reading. Either way, I would suggest using something like that, even if you don’t use that specific program. In fact, there are free versions of anti-virus programs you can use too. Do a few searches for them and see which one you like best – or you can buy one too, whatever works for you.