Just be honest Howie.  We respect you for your service.  But don't make stuff up.

Just be honest Howie. We respect you for your service. But don't dishonor dead of the 82nd.

84 year old Howard Manoian has been parading around as an 82nd Airborne paratrooper for decades and telling heroic stories and gallant tales of battle behind enemy lines.   But little does the public know, it may  be a complete fabrication!   According to the Boston Herald, the National Archives show that old Howie was in a Chemical unit and worked at a supply dump.  As do his records at the bottom of our post.  And numerous reports and payroll listings show him as being the 33rd Chemical Decon Company and never with the 82nd Airborne. In today’s war, it’s like  a  Iraq vet that served as an admin clerk, but then came home and claimed to be a Green Beret! The French don’t seem to mind much, but I’m sure that the 82nd Paratroopers that spilled their blood on foreign soil might.

Alexis Berthier of the French Consulate in Boston said, “Mr. Manoian will receive the Legion of Honor based on the confirmed and established elements of his service, not on the contested ones.  It is established that Mr. Manoian participated in the Normandy campaign and was wounded in action on French soil.”

“Wounded on French Soil”   According to records, he broke a finger……….

Why fake the funk sir? You get props just for being part of the invasion!

You don't need to fake funk sir? You get hero cred just for being part of the war!

A video of him telling about his exploits, a scan of his 17 June Company Record and source links are below.


Busted out by his own 82nd brothers:

D-Day paratrooper David Bullington, 88, of Dyesburg, Tenn., whose name appears in the 82nd’s official records, said he only met Manoian years after the war and Manoian told him three different versions of where he landed.

“You don’t land in three different places in one jump and walk away,” Bullington said. Noting that he lost a lot of friends that day, Bullington added, “I don’t like to see someone claiming to be a paratrooper to grab a little bit of glory for doing what real paratroopers did in Ste. Mere-Eglise. It’s a slap in the face.”




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