1. Wim Hof – The Ice Man

Where to begin…… Wim Hof has been credited with swimming 50 meters under ice, sitting in a tub of ice up to his neck for 1 hour and 31 minutes, running a half marathon in the Arctic Circle barefoot, and attempting to climb Mt. Everest in his shorts!   He uses a a tantric technique called Tummo practiced by Tibetan monks.   And the secret ninja technique known as “awesomeness”.

And here is a video of the legendary swim under the ice.

Some good info on Wim Hof can be found on his Wiki page.

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2. Professor Splash AKA Darren Taylor

Professor Splash attempts world record by diving into 12 inches of water from 35 feet high on Jimmy Kimmel Live. I don’t know how or why you’d want to practice the art of the the bellflop, but I guess everyone’s got their ‘thing’.


3. Glenn Singleman and Heather Swan

This Sydney couple is credited with the world highest base jump.   After climbing a near vertical Himalayan peak (Meru Peak) for 22 days it too the couple 2 minutes to fly back down.  They BASE  jumped from a record breaking 6604 meters.  They hold the record for the highest base jump in history.

Photo Credit: James Boole

Photo Credit: James Boole

Sydney Morning Herald Article


4. Travis Pastrana – Motocross Legend

Travis competed the world’s first double back flip in motocross at the X-Games and landed it perfectly.   The double back flip was the ‘Holy Grail’ of Motocross stunts.  I guess the triple is next?


5. Dan Osman, World’s Fastest Free Climber

400+ Feet in 4:25 with NO ROPES!

Dan died doing something called “Rope Jumping”.  Below is a video compilation of various rope jumps.  It looks absolutely crazy.   No chutes…no back up. 

Here’s an excellent 5 page writeup: “Outside Online” Article on Dan Osman’s Life


6. Geoff Smith

Buried alive for 147 days!

Buried alive for 147 days!

This guy’s not dead or an adrenaline junkie, but he set the world record for being buried in a coffin. Geoff Smith’s idea was simple. Climb into a coffin sized box, and have himself buried 6 feet in the ground in the yard behind his local bar.  And Believe it or not, that’s where he remained for 147 days!   The big question is……what did they do with the doodie?

BBC News Link – Going Underground – What a Record!