This is a video clip from a 2006 British documentary called “Extraordinary Breastfeeding.  It’s the short story of mother that has a 5 and 7 year old still feeding off the nipple.  It’s jaw-dropping.  I didn’t even know that such a practice of late breast feeding existed.   I’m not sure if the mother wants to keep them young forever or if she just likes all the attention.  Her kids actually draw pictures and have names for each breast.

Everyone knows that breast feeding is the best food for your baby. In fact, Breastfeeding Could Save 1.3 Million Lives, but I found no good medical data that states that extended breastfeeding this late is good or bad.  Regardless of whether this practice is medically helpful or not, it’s a huge social oddity.   These kids will be ridiculed through the rest of their adolescence and despise the day that this documentary was made.

The girl said  ”Better than a million melons!”    Awesome.

Better than Mangos!

Better than Mangos!

Did you catch the intro? The mom thinks the children should decide to stop breast feeding themselves when to ween.  Hmm… since when do we leave anything for a 5 year old to decide on their own?   By her logic, these kids may not be potty trained either.  If I got to choose what I ate when I was 5, I’d have been on a steady diet of pizza, chocolate milk and hotdogs.

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