I’ve heard more than one person make the statement that, “maybe some of Criss Angel‘s tricks really are magic” or  “Maybe the “Mindfreak” really does have something special or supernatural.” The guys over at AboveTopSecret.com are hilarious and gullible as well.  Check out this post where they speculate on whether or not he’s using real magic. It’s no wonder they believe in just about every conspiracy theory concocted and discuss them as if they were skeptical well informed scientists.  Critical thinking fail for sure.  Please put you magic wands down,, it’s time to stop jerking off Criss.  It’s fake.  Here’e you’ll see Criss Angel tricks revealed.

I admit watching Criss Angel Mindfreak on TV without really examining it can be pretty convincing………..on TV. But, he’s an illusionist that sells the image of real magic and mind power to the audience.  He does an excellent job of selling it.  Criss Angel  has the wonderful world of video editing, camera angles, and audience selection on his side.   With this he can make ANYTHING appear real on video.  The one the got a lot of people was his building levitation trick.  Have no fear, It’s debunked in a video below.  

Here are 5 of my favorite Criss Angel tricks revealed on video for your viewing pleasure.


Famous Criss Angel Building Levitation Trick Revealed

(Original Trick Link Here)



Criss Angel Escapes an Exploding Building - Revealed





Criss Angel Makes Hummer Appear - Revealed





Criss Angel Walks on Water Revealed


Criss Angel Ran Over By Steamroller Revealed







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.Criss Angel tricks revealed

 Criss Angel tricks revealed