It’s quite obvious that they just love taking picture of each others junk in their Speedos.  My friend Genna caught these two ‘banana hammock’ heroes in their mankinis on the beach in Costa Rica and videotaped them.  I can’t believe how long these guys were at it.

Super Euro Banana Hammock Fail!

For fun,  send us an edited version of the video with new ‘creative narration’  and if it’s funny, we’ll post it.  Send us a link or send a file around 5mb.  Feel free to re-post this video.


Why Europeans Love Speedos – Banana Hammock Fail

“It was hard not to piss myself laughing. They seriously swapped places doing that about 45 times. I was like ‘hold still you idiots’, you take 150 pictures of him in a row THEN switch, just twice. It was making me dizzy. Then they faced the ocean after a while and pondered their next wienerific escapade.”

——Thanks Genna——

All hail David Hasslehoff.  This picture makes me want to buy a speedo.

All hail David Hasslehoff!




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