The Flu shot made this aspiring cheerleader lose the ability to walk forwards.   But she can run perfectly; and while running she can talk normally.   This is absolutely unbelievable.  At first I thought It was a “Funny or Die” skit or something from SNL.   Nope……..this is the real deal.   It’s a video with cheerleaders….watch it.

While I’m not sure if the Flu Shot also causes Non Cheerleaders to walk backwards, it appears that the vaccine may be forced upon the entire populace.  Info and video on the CDC and possible leaked documents here:  Forced Flu Shot

Update From ABC News:

Experts Say Symptoms Are ‘Psychogenic’

McKay said Buttar’s chelation treatments for Jennings were unnecessary and ineffective.

When asked by “20/20″ about the effectiveness of his chelation treatments, Buttar claimed he gets results and pointed to patient testimonials on his website. But when pressed by Jim Avila that “anecdotal stories on the Internet are not science,” Buttar responded: “Nobody said it was science.”

But what caused Jennings’ strange symptoms? Novella and other leading neurologists interviewed by “20/20″ believe that Jennings’ disease is in her head. They don’t believe she has faked her symptoms, but instead that her unconscious mind has caused them.

“It’s a psychogenic disorder rather than a neurological disorder,” Novella said.

Novella feels the temporary improvements Jennings experienced while undergoing Buttar’s treatment were also in her mind: she got better because she thought she would. He called it “the placebo effect on steroids.”

Jennings finds the “psychogenic” label insulting. “It’s a convenient way for incompetent doctors to get you out of their office,” she said.

Today, Jennings’ condition does not appear as severe, but she remains convinced that the flu shot caused her condition, and she continues to search for a cure. She says she is currently seeing a specialist for her condition and still seeking answers.

“If I have to go over to China and do experimental procedures, I’ll find a way to get it all back,” she said. “It may take a while, but I will get everything back. I will find a way.”

– ABC News


hot cheerleader picture with Cameltoe

Unvaccinated Cheerleader