Why is President Barack Obama considered Black by mainstream media?  Why is there even a WhiteBlack line when here are an infinite number of skin tones?   Is there a racial draft of some sort like on the Dave Chappelle Show?   I understand that he is the first US president with African heritage and that is significant considering the history of Africans in the US over the last 200 years, but……if his mother was a light shade of beige and his father was brown; what makes him black?

There seems to be some arbitrary line you cross that makes you part of the black or white community.  Here’s an article in the Orlando Sentinel about the “One Drop Rule”.  It appears that most of the US unconsciously follow this “One Drop Rule”.  With the recent debacle involving Harry Reid and his Obama Negro comments, this issue seems quite appropriate.

Hooray for the first lightly brown colored President of the United States.

See the “Racial Draft” Video and more of this post after the Jump.

The Dave Chappelle Show “Racial Draft” skit illustrates my point well:

Chappelle’s Show
The Racial Draft
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Obama is not a Black Person

Below Quoted from the Creator of this video:

Many people insist that Obama is a racist. That he is a “black man” who hates white people.
There is a problem with that argument: Obama is not black.
He is biracial. Why is everyone so stupid? We do not get the choose one race for a person who is 2 races. He is not even predominantly black.
He is not “a black person

In the past, there was a “One Drop Rule” and it meant that anyone with a known black ancestor was considered black under the law. It did not matter whether a person was 5% black. He was black under the One Drop Rule.
This was a political fabrication in response to a need for manual labor. The USA needed laborers. This “law” was fabricated in order for more people to be considered legally black. This would include the redhead who is 95% white. A purely political agenda.

It was unscientific then.
And it is unscientific now.

We are in 2008. The One Drop Rule needs to be eradicated in favor of more scientifically sound reasoning.

Obama is not a redhead with a 5% black ancestry. But he is not, by any means, “a black person”.
He is as black as he is white.
He is as white as he is black.


Obama is not “a black person”
He will never be “a black person”
No matter how much we insist.
That is not how genetics work.

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