Tomorrow, September 11th 2010 has been labeled by some as “International Burn a Koran Day” (Facebook Page Link)

Sure, it may be a total insult to burn the religious text of another faith.  It may be in bad taste.  It may be, “not nice” .

But shouldn’t we be focusing on the fact that there is a legitimate concern that people of a certain faith will react violently and people will die as a result.  People have been burning things in protest for years…..bras, flags, bibles, likenesses etc.   Burning a book is non-violent. Americans are now scared to protest a something that they don’t agree with and view as oppressive and violent.

Granted the Pastor, Terry Jones from “Dove World Outreach Centre” is a loony, but this whole situation makes you think.  If someone is going to burn a Koran in protest of large violent and oppressive factions of Islam………….isn’t telling them not to burn a book because people will get killed kind of illogical?   Basically you’re saying  “don’t protest violence, or it might get violent”.


Koran Burner: “I’m burning this Koran in protest of the violent and oppressive Islamic groups, governments, and attitudes the Koran has been used to support. ”

Obama:  “Don’t don that, this might cause a large group Muslims to get violent and kill people.”

Koran Burner:   Um………What?

I wish I could draw cartoons for the dialog above.  The whole situation doesn’t make sense.

Meanwhile Christian Churches are being burned in Iraq for being “Christian Churches“.

Here is a link to some Iran youth burning Qu’rans in protest of their religiously oppressive government.

We hate no one. Some of us in fact are Muslims, some of us are not, but all of us unifiedly believe that the rule of Islam, the laws of Quran and Sharia over people turned our country, Iran, to a slaughterhouse of innocent men and women. Turned it to the Islamic Iran which is the record holder for executions and amputations.  When we started this we knew we put our lives on the line to carry out this message which is punishable by death but someone had to step up.

Wow…..they got some guts.  I  hope the Tehrani cops don’t find them.

God is Great -  Happy September 11th.