If you’ve watched Fox News for any period of time, you soon realize that nearly every female personality employed by them is super hot.  It’s as if Fox News said, People like to look at beautiful people.  Why not hire only beautiful people?  This makes sound sense to me and according to their ratings; it’s working well.   CNN also has their own band of news babes and MSNBC has a few,  but I guess I’ve never noticed them.  They can’t seem to hold a candle to the multitudes of Fox News girls.   The only women I ever seem catch on there are short haired ‘man haters’, Rachel Maddow and that Pentagon correspondent Barbara Star.  They must keep the others locked up in the back room most of the time.  Bikini model Courtney Friel (best of all fox news girls) puts them all to shame.  Once again the Marketing 101 adage rings true: “Sex Sells”.

Even the angriest conservative out there, Anne Coulter isn’t too bad.  Conservative girls just don’t seem to go butch when they become politically active.  Odd thing……

Fox News Girls Gallery

I’m not alone in my admiration of the Fox New girls. There’s even a website dedicated to them……foxnewsgirls.com

Below is a video comparing Fox News girls to CNN girls.

Obvious fail on CNN’s part. I’m not sure why all of CNN’s news woman are actually transvestite men.

fox news girls are hot

Courtney Friel in a Bikini fox news girls