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Comments First 200,000 hits

Wow, we just hit our first 200,000 Hits!  It’s absolutely ridiculous that over 200,000 people have wasted parts of their day looking this site……..  Our SEO strategies are starting to pay off…..a little.   Please come here and continue to waste time.

Dance Hard Poop Hard Dave Agrees

dance hard poop hard DaveYES!!!!! 200,000 unique hits!





Internet is For Porn – Sesame Street Style

You may have heard the famous “World of Warcraft” YouTube video “The Internet is For Porn” based on the “Avenue Q” musical.   This video rehash uses Sesame Street Characters and is so well done I absolutely had to post it.

I wonder if the cookie monster deletes his cookies after looking at porn?

According to a’s article on how much of the Internet is for porn, the most popular porn sites were identified.

So what’s the most popular porn site on the planet?

The single most popular adult site in the world is, a webcam site which gets around 32 million visitors a month, or almost 2.5% of all Internet users!

You’re telling me a webcam site is more popular than PornHub?

LiveJasmin is the most popular adult site on the Web by a huge margin.

Basically, it’s interesting that what men prefer the most is watching women strip on a webcam and being able to talk to them while they do, telling the women what they want to see. Once this became available (through high-quality broadband streaming of webcam video) it just shot to the top of popularity; it’s even more popular than the tube sites like PornHub and RedTube.

The fact that 2.5% of the billion people on the Internet are using LiveJasmin each month is pretty extraordinary.

If you’re curious about the statistics on this mainstream secret………below are stats on search terms, usage, countries, industry, surveys etc.  It’s pretty much true, according to world internet usage stats Continue Reading…


Do It Yourself Surgery Flash Animated Instructions

Well, Here you go. DIY Amputations and 9 other self surgeries that could save your life. Check out this handy Flash animation. Clear and precise instructions are provided.  Don’t forget the value of a tourniquet! Tourniquets will save your ass!




If you are a idiot and you tried this at home, please send us pics and stories of your ordeal. Continue Reading…


There Are Some Real Dicks on Facebook

facebook shadow penis pictureRemove any sharp objects in your area and or drinks from near your computer,  sit up straight.

Click on the picture of the seemingly innocent girl.  READ Facebook Comments below the pic. Continue Reading…


King Samir Shabazz and The New Black Panther Party

the new black panther partyThe New Black Panther Party advocates black nationalism and anti-Americanism.  From the looks of the videos below, they’ve got all the marks of a terrorist organization that’s just waiting to bloom into full on violence.    If you remember all the buzz over the Black Panther voter intimidation case, you might remember the name King Samir Shabazz. He was the friendly fellow in front of the voting station holding the baton. Check these videos below and you’ll see that  Shabazz is far beyond your run of the mill ignorant bigot.  He’s violent, stupid and crazy.  One could even venture to say that King Samir Shabazz suffers from some sort of mental retardation.  Watch him talk about killing “cracka babies” while ripping on some poor dude with a melanin deficient girlfriend.  He’s lucky that guy didn’t jump him right there for talking about the “white cracka b***h whore” on his arm.  

Shabazz is a Lunatic.

It’s funny, the girl in the first 15 seconds thought she was cool cause she had the Obama shirt and all. Continue Reading…


One With Everything Joke Fails With Dalai Lama

dalai lama one with everythingThe Dalai Lama, a reincarnated leader of Tibetan Buddhism did not seem to grasp western concepts of Pizza ordering or the famous Buddhist “one with everything” joke.

Then Karl Stevanovic says, ‘Can you make me One with everything?’”  The Dalai Lama didn’t quite pick up on the play on words.  This is fortunate,  or he would have realized that his spiritual views and decades of meditative thought  had been reduced to a cheap joke. “Oh, I knew that wouldn’t work,” says face palming Stevanovic.   Nice one jackass.  You’d think that if you had the chance to speak with the14th reincarnation of the Dalai Lama, you’d have a better question.  “Why are we here”, “What are you’re views on Western religious tradition?”  “Why don’t they sell those red white and blue Patriot Popsicle anymore?”, “why can women were yoga pants more often?”     Just a few.

See the Video after the Jump. Continue Reading…


Most Ridiculous Ninja Fight Scene Ever – Riki-Oh

riki-oh-story-of-ricky-ninjaFor some reason the 2 top searches that bring people to are cheerleaders and ninjas.  I guess I’ll roll with it……..  In honor of the Ninjas and my absolute love for all things Ninja, I offer a small obscure gory ridiculous video clip that you will never forget.

Enter Riki-Oh, a man blessed with super human ninja strength who, after taking revenge against a yakuza who were responsible for the death of his girlfriend, ends up in a maximum security prison owned by a private organization. The story follows Riki and his search for his little brother Saiga Nachi who also possesses superhuman strength. Riki-Oh  encounters many deadly opponents with either superhuman strength or martial arts mastery during his travels.  Also, bear in mind that Riki-Oh is so strong that he can punch holes in solid objects and people. You can see the movie information and reviews  Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky at IMDB.   Beware, this is a video has ridiculous amounts of fight scene gore.  Watch it below

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Halp! Scientology Is After My Moneys

A friend of mine sent me this picture he took of a sign someone left leaning on a tree in Chicago.  Knowing that was a fan of bashing this ridiculous and misguided religion we were super happy!  We dedicated a post to this BS ‘religion of the stars’ and posted a video from the famous South Park episode explaining the ‘space drama’ that is Scientology. Also, included were some personal experiences with Scientology.  The post is aptly named, Scientology Is Ridiculous.  Check it out for an interesting read and a jaw dropping video.


scientology is after my money

Lol Cats and Scientology...perfect combo

I thought Lol cats were soooo 2 years ago, but no……they’re still funny.

Crazy thing is, I managed to track down the owner of this exact sign via Google Image search.  Looks like the same tree and same grassy area.  I reckon it be our sign holder.  Thumbs UP dude! Check it below. Continue Reading…


Zeitgeist Fail – Part One Debunked

zeitgeist movie fail graphic

Zeitgeist Fail

For those that have seen the movie “Zeitgeist”, this debunking video ought to be pretty interesting.  Part One of the Zeitgeist movie was a seemingly enlightening (and shocking) foray into the roots of Christianity.  Well, shocking unless you’re familiar with some of the claims they’re making.  Peter Joseph, the writer and director, seeks to persuade his viewers that the authors of the New Testament borrowed the idea of Jesus’ virgin birth, December 25th birth date, twelve disciples, miracles, crucifixion, and resurrection from astrological sources and ancient pagan mystery religions that were around long before the time of Christ.  The video below is dedicated to debunking the the first part of the conspiracy laden claims of the Zeitgeist movie.  While there are similarities between various pre-Christian myths and the roots of Christianity, the Zeitgeist movie really showed it’s ignorance by making some obvious screw ups in the first few minutes.   One that I caught was the idiotic connection between the Christian “Three Kings” story, astrology and to Horus.  Those familiar with the Bible will know that it says nothing about three kings.  There were however, Magi that visited Jesus after his birth.  Their number was not specified and they were not kings.  It appears that the creators of Zeitgeist had sources in “Part One” that didn’t go much further then poorly researched Hallmark cards and Christmas carols.  Continue Reading…


The Weinerlogues with Jane Lynch and Bill Maher

Bill Maher and Jane Lynch deliver a dramatic reading of Representative Anthony Weiner‘s sextings with that hot Blackjack dealer from Las Vegas – Lisa.  How could anyone in the public take him seriously after this?  It was some of the most ridiculous and creepy chat I’ve ever heard.  I’m sure the female Jewish population might also have an opinion.  I’m not quite clear on whether they were complemented or degraded for their……’abilities’.

anthony-weiner-no-shirt photo

"It won't go away and now I'm taking pics of it"


Be Aware, these sextings could not be published via major media outlets due to their vulgarity.  “Here at Real Time, we do take our responsibility very seriously as the one show, because we’re on pay cable, where we can say anything and quote anything,” Bill Maher said before introducing the actress Jane Lynch who will host upcoming Daytime Emmy Awards. ” The texts from Anthony Weiner were printed this week. Most people could not show them to you; we are going to read them verbatim.”

HBO, being the uncensored beast it is, offers us this totally disturbing video. Continue Reading…