You all remember Eli Porter? The freestyle rap battle champ from Chamblee High School that everyone kinda felt bad for laughing at because we all thought he was retarded?  Well, in case you wondered what happened to him, check out this documentary: People’s Champion. It’ll be released in early July 2011 and has received a whole lotta good press.

Also, turns out, Eli Porter is not mentally retarded; maybe just a little slow.  So don’t feel bad…….

The original “Iron Mic” rap battle from 2003 that started all the internet memes can be seen after the jump.

Original Iron Mic video with the infamous Eli Porter below

Did he say “Like Rosie Odonnel at a Bisexual Bridal Shower”?  That’s the best mayne.


There’s a Facebook page for the People’s Champion Documentary here.

Also, check out all the different video, mixes, and images of Eli Porter at Know your MEME.

Eli Porter Nike I deed it picture

I think you mean, "I deed it"



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