These pictures are not the result of steroids or extreme body building.   The freaks in the picture have injected a substance known as synthol.  Synthol is referred to as an SEO or Site Enhancement Oil.   Synthol is 85% oil, 7.5% lidocain, and 7.5% alcohol. It was originally designed to be used topically but It has become trendy in some sections of bodybuilding to inject it.   Some freaks also use sesame oil.  Synthol is also known as “liquid muscle”; it is however, not muscle at all.

I can’t believe it’s gotten this far.  It’s the fakest of the fake.  But….I guess it’s not much different then women getting breast implants.  In fact, breast augmentation operations are quite a bit more invasive.  (but, I wholeheartedly support breast implants, wink)

Synthol Muscle Pictures, Bodybuilding freaks

This guy curls 25′s. Time for an oil change!


Check out the Full Synthol Muscle Freak Gallery:

Here’s a rundown of hat exactly Synthol is and the Risks in using it:

What Is Synthol?

Synthol is composed of 85% medium-chain triglyceride oils (a fatty acid), 7.5% lidocaine (painkiller), and 7.5 5 benzyl alcohol. The preparation is injected deep into the muscle where it is encapsulated between the fascicles (bundles of muscle fibers) . With repeated injections, a larger volume of oil builds up inside the muscle, expanding its size like a balloon filling up with air. About 30% of what is injected is metabolized by the body. The other 70% remains lodged in the muscle where it breaks down very slowly over three to five years. There seems to be some issue of debate among bodybuilders as to whether or not Synthol actually lasts this long, and some believe it is even longer. Chris Clark, its inventor, is convinced that it somehow leads to permanent muscle growth in the effected areas, though even he is unsure of the mechanisms that would make this possible. Synthol users report amazing pumps while training, though this could be a result of the extra pressure of the accumulated oil.

Risks Of Synthol Use

Although Mr. Clark claims Synthol is completely safe to use, he also made a point in Greg Zulak’s “Uncensored” several issues ago that he is not legally responsible for bodybuilders using it for anything other than a posing oil. Of course, injecting any amount of fatty-acid material intramuscularly can be perilous. This is complicated by the fact that scant few bodybuilders have any medical training. Without knowing the location of major nerves, it’s easy to hit one by accident and cause permanent paralysis of muscle fibers in the area. With an injection of any type, abscess infections at the injection site are always a possibility. Often abscesses (extremely painful build-ups of infected tissue) require surgery to remove, not unlike a tumor. You haven’t heard the worst yet. Should you inject into a vein or artery by mistake (avoided by drawing back on the syringe to make sure there is no blood, a simple precaution many folks are too squeamish to take) the fatty acids could be transported to the lungs, causing a pulmonary embolism, the heart, causing a heart attack, or perhaps even into the brain, leading to a cardioembolic stroke. All three cases are potentially fatal.

Allegedly, IFBB pro Milos Sarcev had a scare recently when supposedly, some of the Synthol in his arms traveled to his heart. This sounds like an enormous amount of risk simply for the benefit of inflated arms and calves, but bodybuilders are not normal people. To some, it’s worth the risk of death to finally have 21-inch bazookas just like the big genetic freaks they idolize. To date, there have been no publicized deaths related to Synthol or any of its several knock-offs currently available. Of course, this is a fairly new product that has only skyrocketed in use over the past two years. Ultimately, Synthol users are adults who are responsible for their own health and safety and are free to make the choice themselves.


Here….anyone wanna buy some synthol and do some injections.  Sweet!   Here’s a Link:   Just kidding—— you’re an idiot if you inject oil into your arms to make people think you got results in the gym.

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