A friend of mine sent me this picture he took of a sign someone left leaning on a tree in Chicago.  Knowing that Doodiepants.com was a fan of bashing this ridiculous and misguided religion we were super happy!  We dedicated a post to this BS ‘religion of the stars’ and posted a video from the famous South Park episode explaining the ‘space drama’ that is Scientology. Also, included were some personal experiences with Scientology.  The post is aptly named, Scientology Is Ridiculous.  Check it out for an interesting read and a jaw dropping video.


scientology is after my money

Lol Cats and Scientology...perfect combo

I thought Lol cats were soooo 2 years ago, but no……they’re still funny.

Crazy thing is, I managed to track down the owner of this exact sign via Google Image search.  Looks like the same tree and same grassy area.  I reckon it be our sign holder.  Thumbs UP dude! Check it below.

Halp Scientology is after my moneys

Is he a Banana or some kinda rebellious KKK member?

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