the new black panther partyThe New Black Panther Party advocates black nationalism and anti-Americanism.  From the looks of the videos below, they’ve got all the marks of a terrorist organization that’s just waiting to bloom into full on violence.    If you remember all the buzz over the Black Panther voter intimidation case, you might remember the name King Samir Shabazz. He was the friendly fellow in front of the voting station holding the baton. Check these videos below and you’ll see that  Shabazz is far beyond your run of the mill ignorant bigot.  He’s violent, stupid and crazy.  One could even venture to say that King Samir Shabazz suffers from some sort of mental retardation.  Watch him talk about killing “cracka babies” while ripping on some poor dude with a melanin deficient girlfriend.  He’s lucky that guy didn’t jump him right there for talking about the “white cracka b***h whore” on his arm.  

Shabazz is a Lunatic.

It’s funny, the girl in the first 15 seconds thought she was cool cause she had the Obama shirt and all. Total ‘wearing Obama shirt makes me cool here‘ fail.

National Geographic documentary on the New Black Panther Party

Malik Shabaz, National Chairman of the New Black Panther Party, Joking about the the voter intimidation case.

No, not killing babies “in that context”.

These guys also blame everything on the Jews.
Malik Shabaz, was quoted as such:
“Who is it that caught and killed Nat Turner?”
“The Jews!”
“Who is it that controls the Federal Reserve?”
“The Jews!”
“Who is it that has our entertainers… and our athletes in a vise grip?”
“The Jews!”

Source : Keep Your Eye On Malik Shabazz

If you remember we posted in 2009 about the Ridiculous assertion that the Jews planned 9/11 and 4000 of them left the tower before the planes hit. It’s pretty much Islamic Jew hating malarkey translated and rehashed for consumption by the Nation of Islam and the Black Panthers.

And here’s one more video from the legend…….King Samir Shabazz

The hells of the United States?  He obviously hasn’t spent much time in Africa.  Anyone working at McDonalds lives with luxuries that 95% of the world doesn’t have.  Hell, people in the US are so rich, many have garages.  They actually build houses for their cars!

Root’s of the Original Black Panther Party (quite a different animal then the New Black Panther Party)

    • The roots of the NBPP can be traced to Michael McGee, a former member of the original Panthers, who was elected to the Milwaukee City Council in Wisconsin in 1984.
    • In 2002, original members of the Panthers sued the NBPP and founder Aaron Michaels for using their name and emblem.
    • The NBPP has made appearances and organized rallies at the scene of many recent racial incidents, such as the Sean Bell shooting in New York, the Megan Williams rape case, and spearheaded aid to Hurricane Katrina victims.
    • Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale founded the original Black Panther Party in Oakland, California on October 15, 1966.
    • The original Black Panther Party for Self Defense was created to promote civil rights, self-defense, and racial justice.
    • In October 1967, Oakland police officer John Frey was shot to death in an altercation with Huey P. Newton during a traffic stop. Newton served three years in prison for the crime, a conviction that was reversed in appeal.
    • In 1968, membership in the Black Panther Party reached 5,000, their newspaper had a circulation of 250,000, and they had chapters established in many cities, including Chicago, Los Angeles, San Diego, Denver, and New York.
    • From fall 1967 through the end of 1969, nine police officers were killed and 56 were wounded in confrontations with the Panthers. In 1969 alone, 348 Panthers were arrested for a variety of crimes.
    • In September 1968, FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover described the Black Panthers as, “The greatest threat to the internal security of the country.”
    • At the 1968 Summer Olympics, Tommie Smith and John Carlos, two American medalists gave the Black Power salute during the playing of the national anthem.
    • The main initiatives of the Black Panther Party were free services and survival programs such as clothing distribution, free medical clinics, first aid, and a breakfast program.

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