While it’s become increasingly popular to make fun of Scientology, I am not one of those guys that just jumped on the hate band wagon without any knowledge of the organization.  I’ve met a lot of people that bash Islam, Christianity, Buddhism etc. and really have no knowledge of what or why they’re bashing. The recent South Park Scientology episode brought on a lot of inquiry into the religion.  It also exposed a lot of their closely guarded secrets to the public.  I’ve done my share of research and even visited one of their churches. I feel qualified to ride on this station-wagon of skepticism.

Below is a video from the famous South park Scientology episode that created so much controversy.

The best part is, most of the stuff in the video is actually believed by higher ups in the Church of Scientology.  It’s a tough video to find because it keeps getting taken down.

First hand Experience

My wife and I actually went to one of the Scientology churches in Costa Rica and sat through a 2-3 hour introduction process.  Admittedly, we did watch the South Park Scientology episode before we went.  In fact this episode was big reason for our curiosity.  While we were there, I sadly admit; we were not informed about any alien conspiracy or outer space drama, but we were introduced to a process called “auditing”.  And we learned a bit about a science fiction writer who started Continue Reading…