Saudi Arabia women sexThe grand religious council and advisers to King Abdullah have recently found that in Saudi Arabia women who walk more than 50 meters per day are more like to engage in extramarital sex, prostitution, pornography, and other horrible acts such as driving and speaking before being called upon.  One possible solution for worried husbands is to tie a rope to the wife much like you would to secure prized milking goats.  This act of nonsecular dedication will surely bring a smile to Allah’s face and cause the great Prophet Mohammed to bless Saudi Arabia upon his return.  Rest assured, your wife’s forced sacrifice will not go unrewarded in the afterlife.  Religious councils have now verified that according to the Sunnah(Islamic tradition), she may be able to accompany you in paradise while you are fed and cared for by handsome boy servants and virgins girls. ( ”round about them will serve, devoted to them, young male servants handsome as pearls
well-guarded” (Qur’an 52:24),  and “youths of  perpetual freshness” (Qur’an 56:17)  Just in case you didn’t believe me.

Ok, Ok, I’ll admit to bit of satire above, but minus the part about tying her up like a goat, it’s pretty much truth.  Recently an official stated that in Saudi Arabia women who drive are “more inclined to have sex”………………….Welcome to 1000AD Saudi Arabia.  Those solid critical thinking skills may help you progress and catch up to the rest of the world in another few hundred years.

 In Saudi Arabia Women who Drive are more inclined to have sex

American women have long bared the stereotype of being poor drivers. Saudia Arabia Women are bearing the brunt of another kind. A new report in Saudi Arabia argues that women who drive in the kingdom, are more predisposed to engaging in premarital sex.

The belief is that driving will allow the intermingling of the two sexes, thereby increasing the chance of sex. It is reported that pressure has been placed on King Abdullah, to retain the kingdom’s male only driving rule. Saudi’s religious establishment is said to follow a strict brand of Islam, and while Abdullah has pledged changes to women’s rights in the country, he is reportedly hesitant to move too swiftly.

The report by Kamal Subhi concludes that allowing Saudi women driving privileges, is to decrease the country’s number of virgin brides. A number of Saudi women are said to have staged protests over the driving ban. Saudi women are said to benefit from one proposed reform, which is the ability to vote in 2015. God Bless America!


Also, check out this story about a woman driver who was ordered to receive 10 lashes for driving in Jedda.  Fortunately, King Abdullah and his graciousness, halted the lashing.    What a great place to be a woman…..       Saudi King Revokes 10 Lashes Punishment For Driving