Welcome to the world of airsoft.  Please keep in mind that these pictures are not of active duty units, real world security contractors, or government personnel.  These are folks that spend more money on gear than the actual BTDT’s (Been There Done That) they’re  mimicking.   You can tell by their hard looks and ‘rough and ready’ candor, some of these plastic BB shooting Special Forces posers think they’re certifiable badasses.    Check out the amazing collection of Airsoft team shots I found on various team sites. They’re kind of like Mall Ninjas,(see the infamous internet gun forum legend Gecko45) except Mall Ninjas are way more respectable. At least they carry an actual weapons and are proud of their work. Also, below the gallery, you’ll find a funny list of “You know you’re addicted to airsoft when”. Check it for a laugh. Airsoft Toolsheds unite……

Airsoft posers

When being a tactical airsoft douchebag isn’t enough, Photoshop yourself in war-zone backdrops with a trident in the corner.


 TO see the entire gallery of Airsoft military posers, see below


You find bb’s in your shoe. you say “hit” when something is thrown at you. you call your friends by there call sign. you have names for all of your guns. you spend at least 4 hours a day on airsoft forums. You have more sets of uniforms then regular clothes. If you’ve paid more for a uniform then regular clothes.

Your Special Forces impression looks better then Pictures of real Special Forces. If you have ever purchased a vehicle specifically for airsoft use. Your mind is set one airsoft 24/7. You shoot a team member during game play for not listening to a command. If you hear someone make a mistake when talking about airsoft, you budge in and correct them. If you put on your full load out while playing Counter-Strike. If you wear your favorite load out around the house for no good reason. If you laugh when reading this, because its true. you take off your clothes every day and bbs fall from the fabric. at your wedding, instead of throwing rice or birdseed, your friends threw little white bbs, which you are still finding in your hair and ears.

you can think of no better way to spend an evening then to sit in front of a computer and look at the new airsoft stuff. there is something airsoft related in every room of your house, and your neighbor’s. you have purchaced more then 2 brand new guns, just to keep an older one working (stripping them of usefull parts). applyfor a license to carry a concealed airsoft gun. you collect the little packets of bbs that comewith new guns, just for fun. your vehicle is painted in flat woodland camouflage patterns.

have heated debates with friends over weather it is a “mag” or a “clip”. your walls are covered in one or more of the following; bb holes, airsoft posters, pictures of people you don’t like with bb holes through them, the boxes airsoft guns come in, or the manulas that come with the airsoft gun. have told your buddys “what happens in the woods, stays in the woods.” have ever committed/ been a victim of an airsoft drive-by. you are unable to read this because you or your friend shot your monitor. You visit an airsoft forum everyday looking for more topics. You can’t help but to correct somebody if they called an AK74 an AK47.

You have to delay your wedding because it is the day of the biggest OP your life. Your primary loadout costs more than the average car. you own more than 5 GBB.

If you duck for cover every time you hear a sewing machine. HAHAHA!!!! A large OP counts as a holiday, thus giving yourself permission to skip work. every time you watch a movie with guns in it, you go online and look for the airsoft version, and how much it is. every time you watch a war movie, and your gun in in the movie, you scream I HAVE THaT GUN! every time you watch a movie with guns in it, you can identify which are airsoft guns and which are the blank firing props. (sometimes they even leave the stickers and orange down inside barrels) When you have airsoft related scars. When you sit next to the girl you like in homeroom, but dont care that she has to hear last nights skirmish report.

If you have more knowledge about the gun your Ex military friend carried than he ever did. If you call coke cans chronographs. If you have ever debated whether catching a bb in your mouth a hit ( hehe… nu uh! Im friggin pen and teller!!!) you wear a Tac. Vest or Load Bearing Device to your job/ school.If you go to an airsoft game and consider it window shopping.

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