It’s only appropriate that we make fun of cultural stereotypes.  Hell what are they there for?

Offensive?……..could be. The ordinary Muslim guy meme deserves a shirt as well. I’m workin’ on it.

Check out the rest of this offensive politically incorrect collection of funny…..

Thank you “Ordinary Muslim Guy” Meme-rific



The photo originated from iStockPhoto where it was posted in March of 2007 by Pakistani photographer Aman Khan. While the name of the model is not listed, tags on the photo set indicate that he may be a fifty-year-old Pashtun Muslim. On January 4th, 2011, a thread titled “Introducing ordinary Muslim man” was created by Redditor hi7en with the caption “I am da bomb / at making falafels.” The thread received a total of 454 up votes prior to being archived.


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