This is from a couple years ago, but I had to post it.  It’s Rob Riggle at his finest. You might also remember him from the previous post The Navy Seal Who Shot Bin Laden.    Riggle goes in undercover and interviews Code Pink members protesting a Marine recruiting station.

Time and again organizations like Code Pink seem to get it wrong.  They draw few supporters from mainstream America, gain efficacy through fiery demonstrations in Washington, and consistently lash out against the wrong entities.

Here’s another video of Code Pink in action.  I cracked up when the lady responded to the Pearl Harbor question with, “What were we even doing in Hawaii anyway?”

To those who think that world peace will be achieved if only we promote it you are fooling yourselves. Peace has been promoted against the Islamic extremists since before they blew up the Marine barracks in Beruit and there are still large populations of people that feel that suicide bombings are an acceptable practice and substantial support exist for violent fundamentalist flavors of Islam.  Check this Pew poll “Where Terrorism Finds Support in the Muslim World”, it’s an eye opener.  Will hugs solve this issue?

Comments? Questions?  Code Pink Bitches?

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