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Monkeys Getting Drunk

I had a hard time watching this video and not posting something about it.  Not only is the “drunken monkey” a Kung Fu fighting style, but drunken monkeys actually exist.    Monkeys apparently love to get drunk and are often found around vacation/resort areas on teh prowl for neglected Mojitos and Cuba Libres.

The similarities between drunken monkeys and drunken humans are quite intriguing.  Monkeys, however don’t apologize in the morning….they’re just that bad-ass.


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Hello My Name Is Inigo Montoya Shirt

A simple yet elegant shirt paying homage to  Inigo Montoya from the movie “The Princess Bride” and his famous line.

“My Name is Enigo Montoya, You killed my father, prepare to die.”

The famous scene from “The Princess Bride” is in the video below. Continue Reading…

Newsflash – Half Naked Italian Women Sell More Coffee

Italian Women

One Sexpresso Please

OK, not much of a newsflash…..everyone knows that half naked women will increase sales.  But, with half naked Italian women—-double whammy!  It is interesting to watch it happen with a business that doesn’t involve strippers, hosting space or chicken wings.  Though I would totally be in support of a Hooters staffed exclusively by Italian women.

The streets in the small Italian town of Bagnolo have been recently congested around a small coffee shop.  Men from miles around come to visit this scantily clad barmaid, Laura Maggi and grab an Espresso.  Her sensual allures have exponentially upped her sales to the male population and had quite an effect on the town.  Neighbors are up in arms about the traffic and wives and girlfriends from the local area have vocally state their disgust. More Pics in full gallery below Continue Reading…


Play Casino Blackjack Like Rainman – MIT Secrets

poker babeGet your learnin’ britches on….

The odds for Blackjack are normally around 49% if for an experienced player.  There are tons of online resources online that will promise you higher odds and guaranteed winning strategies.  Most won’t help help you much.  In fact, they may make an amateur overconfident and on the road to losing an exorbant amount of money.  If you’ve seen the movie “21″ about the MIT Blackjack team, you’ll  know that the system  can be hacked.  Simple techniques of tracking the cards in play will give you an advantage over the average player.  One things to be aware of, is the number of decks in play.  Many casinos use multiple decks now to combat blackjack card counting.  This can make any Blackjack technique more challenging to earn with.

If you’re going to play casino Blackjack with the big boys, I advise you to watch this video and you’ll raise your earnings percentage by following a few simple techniques.


This method was pioneered by the MIT Blackjack Team, who used statistical science to play casino blackjack…..and win.

“Luck is For Losers” by INC gives a little insight on the man who removed the risk from Blackjack. Continue Reading…


Clone Reagan For 2012

Ronald Reagan Cowboy HollywoodThis may be on of the most epic speech music compilations ever made.  This is a video of Ronald Reagan’s 1964 speech in support  of Republican Goldwater’s Presidential Campaign.  It’s over 40 years old and strikingly relevant today. Ronald Reagan was an amazing public speaker.  If only we could clone him for this next election.  He’d be nice for the coming ‘cold war part deux’ with Iran.  I have a feeling we’re in for another Southpark inspired election season where we’re once again forced to choose between a Giant Douch and a Turd Sandwich.   Rest in peace Reagan……


I’ve been watching the video before the gym.  It goes great in combination NO-Explode and meth.

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College Freshman Meme Collection

Ahh, to be a college freshman– universally reviled and derided. You can’t get into parties, your friends are people you meet by chance in the dining hall, and even internet memes mock your valued period of self discovery.

In honor of that sordid time, here is a collection of well known cliches of being a college freshman. The meme takes a stock photo of a hopeless UNH freshman and throws on text, such as “Hangs 20 Beer Signs In Dorm… Only Ever Tasted Miller Lite”  Ridiculousness begins……


Enjoy great home brewed beer.

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Everyone Poops – Best Children’s Book Ever

dance hard poop hard Dave

Everyone poops in this Japanese import book written by Taro Gomi for children. Readers are informed on page one that “an elephant makes a big poop, a mouse makes a tiny poop.” Later on, they are told that it comes in different shapes, colors, and smells, and that, depending on who is doing it, it is done in different places. The summarizing statement is that “all living things eat, so everyone poops.” However, there is never any explanation offered as to why. Overall, the text is merely a series of rather dull pictures of back ends of people on toilets and animals, with captions identifying them and occasionally posing questions such as “What does a whale’s poop look like?” (No answer is provided.) There is even a little joke: “A one hump camel makes a one hump poop. And a two hump camel makes a two hump poop. Just kidding.”

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Picture of the Book Everyone Poops

Best Children's Book Ever

Everyone Poops (My Body Science Series)



Offensive Danish Cartoon, Now Offensive Reality

The infamous cartoons from the Danish newspaper “Jyllands-Posten” featuring the prophet Mohammed wearing a turban with a bomb in it is now a reality.  There have been 5 reported “turban bomb” incidents in the last 7 months.  The irony is in the previous violent response to the original cartoons.  There was an immense amount of Muslim anger and violence in the depiction of their prophet.   Now hardline fundamentalist Muslims are playing right into the Dutch cartoonist’s hands.  They’re putting bombs in their turbans and blowing people up.  Horrifically Awesome Irony…..  Kurt Westergaard, the Danish artist who drew the “turban bomb” cartoon of the Prophet Mohammad that sparked violent protests across the Muslim world, says he has “no regrets about the caricature that changed his life”.  He lives under death threats that seem to be more than just words.  The Danish Security and Intelligence Service arrested three men suspected of planning to kill him and continue to hold a watchful eye over this constantly threatened cartoonist.

Famous Dutch Mohammed Cartoon with Turban Bomb

The most recent turban bomb was in the assassination of Former Afghan President Burhanuddin Rabbani.

Altantic Wire -

Former Afghan President Burhanuddin Rabbani, whose emotional and tempestuous funeral took place only hours ago, was assassinated this week in Kabul as part of an elaborate plot. Continue Reading…


Whitney Houston Saved The Earth From Asteroid Impact

You’d think by the media coverage of Whitney Houston the we all missed something.   She may not have saved the Earth , but she was a great singer that lived life rife with cocaine and drowned in a bathtub. I’m wondering how someone who criminally purchases narcotics on a regular basis get’s so much positive coverage?  Are our priorities out of wack like the guy in the video implies?    Put Your Comments Below

I sing, drink a lot of whiskey and am a bad role model.  I’m hoping for some serious all day media coverage when I kick the bucket.

You probably didn’t hear about these guys, but hey, why would you.  They’re just military members…. Continue Reading…