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Bob Larson and His Robotic Teen Demon Slayers

Because Demons Hate Bronze Age Execution Devices

Brynne, Tess and Savannah Larson discuss how they first became involved in performing exorcisms.  Brynne is the daughter of the famous exorcist Bob Larson and claims that she did her first exorcism in Africa with her father standing by.

I wonder if after the show, they held Anderson Cooper down and tried to caste the “gay demon” out of him.    Unfortunately I think they’d rather do exorcisms on weak-minded teenage girls and poor uneducated Africans.  (And yes….if you were not aware, Anderson Cooper is gay)

Not sure……but I’m guessing the qualification for excising a demon is the same qualification you need to kick a unicorn or punch Continue Reading…


Cat Men – The Creepy World of Single Dudes and Cats

cat men

What me? What’s the problem?

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always noticed something  weird about cat men.  Any guy over thirty that lives alone and loves cats…… either really creepy or shockingly eccentric. I don’t know why so many cat men end up this way,  but I’ve compiled a small collection of pictures and video that I think illustrate my point perfectly.

Sometimes you CAN judge a book by it cover.  When it comes to cat men…….it’s a very odd book and probably a book you wouldn’t want to leave your children alone with or be stuck with in an elevator with no power.  You may think I’m being to harsh, but let’s think about it.  If your 5 year old needed a babysitter and the 35 year old single guy that lives down the street and owns 6 cats offered to babysit for a day, would you let him?  Nope……  Point proven.

In addition to the wonderful pictures above, I found a couple of websites  attempting to portray the ownership of cats as a masculine activity.  Haha cat men!     I also found the keyboard cat video….yay Continue Reading…


Collagen Lip Injections and Duck Face Monsters

Don’t get me wrong, lots of dudes like a girl with full, pouty, sexy lips……but when they look like a buffalo carp that’s been punched in the the mouth repeatedly; not so much. The Botox and lip injection craze seems to have crossed paths with the “duck lips” phenomena and created an ugly monster.     Below are some of the worst collagen lip injections on the planet.

Trout Pout Duck Face

 When are these girls going to realize that they’re became the laughing stock of the internet with their plastic surgery trout pouts and not hot club chicks anymore?  Full Gallery Below…enjoy Continue Reading…


Mall Ninja Resurgence – Brother of Gecko45 Found?

I found another Mall Ninja on Pensacola Fishing Forum.  Not sure—-but I’m wondering if could  this be a reappearance of the legendary GECKO45—– maybe his brother?

This Capt. Ron guy is awesome!  Between his blood loss, Epi pen shooting drills and his discounting  of real world experience, this US Navy swimmer has mall ninja on lock down.  I love his finishing line.  “The fact still remains, I’m the only one that still hits his target at 50′, one handed, standing on one leg on an upside down Bosu ball. When any of you forum fighters think you can out-shoot me, come on down. I’ll give you a free lesson in bad-ass!


Capt. Ron’s Forum Entry:

I have performed both adrenaline drills with a .3ml adult dose epi pen and the Dracula drill. Continue Reading…