rodrigo ferraz man boobs dancing

Mastering the Art of Toolshed

Enter Rodrigo Ferraz, possibly the most self centered youtuber since that Asians in the library girl from UCLA.  The extremity of his delusion is unhindered by the fact that he is bashed repeatedly every video he’s posted.  He continues posting videos of himself dancing rapping, rubbing his man boobs and sending out special messages to the chicas.  Rodrigo is obviously a user of Synthol; an oil that is injected into your muscle tissue to make your muscle appear larger.  In many cases, extreme Synthol can make fake muscles appear outta nowhere(his shoulders).  I posted a couple of his videos.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.  The first video could possibly ruin your day. The 2nd video is a  translation of one of his home workou videos that might make up for it.  Especially since he does standing incline pushups and uses 12lb weights…….Enjoy the man boobs

Not being able to wear a backpack is a small price to pay for sexiness

Below is a workout video with a ‘special translation’ for those who can’t understand what the hell this peanut-headed primate is saying. Continue Reading…