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Kamau Kambon – Exterminate All White People

kamau kambon

What percentage of African decent blood gets you a “do not exterminate card”?

Kamau Kambon is probably most famous (or notorious) for a speech delivered October 14, 2005, at Howard University, urging genocide of whites, saying, “We have to exterminate white people off the face of the planet to solve this problem of racial injustice.” Footage of this speech is below and was aired on C-SPAN.  It’s surprising that anyone actually saw this since no one even watches Cspan…..but you can see it below

He supports his argument by calling the modern world an “international plantation,” with each white man a plantation owner. He claims that all whites want to rape and kill blacks.

Mr. Kambon has a website  at  The website doesn’t seem to promote genocide, but it offers links and inspirational stuff about African-American culture, legacy, struggle and history.

Kamau Kambon  fits the card as a ridiculously racist dick.  I find it incredibly interesting that someone saying the  things he’s saying is given a stage.  It’s also quite interesting that he thinks there is a line of ‘white” and “black”. Continue Reading…


Girls Students Told – Bleeders Can’t Participate

Since when is it acceptable to have any activity where girls are forced to the back of the room based of their gender and/or their menstrual cycle? In Valley Park Middle School the religious double standard is upheld and because it’s religiously related, it has been allowed on school grounds.   If any staff of the school were responsible for this set up: Boys in front, girls in back and menstruating girls not allowed to participate for no physical reason, they would be instantly fired, and rightly so.   Check out the video below.


This isn’t just an issue of old traditions dying hard, the reason for separation of menstruating women in both Islam and Old Testament Judaism is due to their Continue Reading…


Much Needed Facebook Buttons

bob ross facebook workoutMy buddy Johnny Sacks at just put out a post on something that’s been irking me as well.  The ridiculousness these days on Facebook has been stacking up.  His response was to create new Facebook buttons that take care of all that doucebaggery in one simple click.   Check’em out below.

The I Don’t Know Who You Are Button

This button is for those Facebook friends that got married and changed their last name, or only use their first and middle name or put some ridiculous nickname that they think makes them sound cool, instead of their actual name on their Facebook page.  Then they combine that with a picture of their baby, or cat or some other dumb shit instead of a photo of themselves.  After a while, you can’t even figure out who half the people on your news feed are anymore.  So when one of those people starts clogging up your feed or commenting on your updates, just hit the ”I don’t know who you are” button and remind them to identify themselves.

Who are You Facebook button

I’m Not Impressed You’re at the Gym Button

For the morons on Facebook who like to advertise every time they are the gym. You are  just Continue Reading…


God Said It – In Heaven Women Don’t Pee or have Boogers

god artIn an effort to glorify the words of various divine beings that are accepted without question by millions of people worldwide……here’s another quote from the wisest being in the universe.

Bukhari:Verse 4, Book 54, Number 476-544

“‘In Paradise they will not urinate, relieve nature, spit, or have any nasal secretions. Everyone will have two virgins who will be so beautiful and transparent the bones of their legs will be seen through their flesh.’” Continue Reading…


Indian Guru Healers and Demon Possessed Coconuts

indian guru swami healersEnter rural India, a place where superstition is science and magic is as real as flat-bread.  If you thought there was a problem with phony faith healers in the Americas, you ain’t seen nothing yet!  Holy men regularly travel the countrysides performing  miracles and healings to collect rupees.  The noble group of Indians in the video below pretend to be swamis, healers and sorcerers and move about the rural areas on a bullshit debunking mission.  After they convince the crowds of their spiritual powers Continue Reading…


Marilyn Monroe For 5 Bucks – Fiverr Find

Happy birthday Marilyn Monroe.  The silver screen super babe  was born on June 1, 1926 at the Los Angeles County Hospital.  Marilyn Monroe went on to become one of the most iconic figures in female media history.  Famous for wind blown skirts, seductive bikini poses and controversial sexual prowess, she may have been the Jenna Jameson of the era.  (though she definitely one upped Jenna by banging president Kennedy)  I think it funny how people idolize her and paint her as some sort of Hollywood sweetie.  The irony is staggering. She did a lot of drugs and had a lot of sex. Keith Richards and Axel Rose would have kept her wonderful company.  If Marilyn Monroe was a starlet born in 1985, we’d likely see her today on E! getting out of rehab, dating Charlie Sheen, and partying with Paris Hilton nipple slipping and crotch shotting like there’s no tomorrow.  And……she probably would have made a sex tape and fake accidentally released it to get publicity.

 first crochet bikini

I’m Sexy and I know it

Marilyn Monroe swimsuit

I don’t workout

Continue Reading…