kamau kambon

What percentage of African decent blood gets you a “do not exterminate card”?

Kamau Kambon is probably most famous (or notorious) for a speech delivered October 14, 2005, at Howard University, urging genocide of whites, saying, “We have to exterminate white people off the face of the planet to solve this problem of racial injustice.” Footage of this speech is below and was aired on C-SPAN.  It’s surprising that anyone actually saw this since no one even watches Cspan…..but you can see it below

He supports his argument by calling the modern world an “international plantation,” with each white man a plantation owner. He claims that all whites want to rape and kill blacks.

Mr. Kambon has a website  at www.kamaukambon.org.  The website doesn’t seem to promote genocide, but it offers links and inspirational stuff about African-American culture, legacy, struggle and history.

Kamau Kambon  fits the card as a ridiculously racist dick.  I find it incredibly interesting that someone saying the  things he’s saying is given a stage.  It’s also quite interesting that he thinks there is a line of ‘white” and “black”.  (Notice the obvious light skinned folks surrounding him and the fact that due to his complexion, he likely possesses a good chunk of Caucasian blood as well.)

Seriously……people clapped when he said that “we have to exterminate white people off of the face of the earth”?  This is on Cspan????

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