College Liberal (also known as “Female College Liberal” and “Bad Argument Hippie”) is a meme featuring a photo of a young white female with dreadlocks wearing a knitted protestor cap.   The captions typically portray the character as a naive and hypocritical left wing political activist, referencing various clichés associated with the “hippie”, “feminist” or “Occupy” subculture.

College Liberal female Hippie Meme

The college liberal female meme takes me back to one of Action Figure Therapy’s rants on hippies and ‘occupy’ protestors.  Epic quote…..

Listen Sister, go ahead and talk s**t about the military all you want.  Just don’t come crying to us next time some group of a-holes goes terrorizing the inhabitants of some 3rd world s**thole and then you’re begging our government on some crappy blog to go intervene on behalf of the global community to provide humanitarian aid.  Send over some of your patchouli soaked friends from your drum circle,or a couple of the white dudes with dreadlocks you jerked off at the Dave Matthews concert.   Action Figure Therapy

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College liberal chicks with dreads at protests?   Images of unshaven armpits,  floppy bra-less boobs, man-hating smirk on face, gross looking white-girl dreads, fist raised in the air, homemade knit hat and penchant for obnoxious feminism come to mind.  Now, if this describes you get used to the fact that the only male that will ever reproduce with your will be one of two types; ugly……..or a weakminded sissy pants that can’t fight and probably won’t ever defend you in a dark alley.

The only cool girls with dreads I’ve ever seen were cannibal chicks from “Doomsday”.  Could be because they’re badass and cooked and ate a guy right after this scene.  Beautiful Girls With Dreads  on tumbler is… surprise here…….full of ugly.