If you found this page searching for “how to be emo” , you’re a double-retardicon.    First…….for wanting to be a whiney emo kid and second, for pathetically searching “how to be emo” on the web because you couldn’t figure out how to be a whiney emo kid.  I’m not sure why anyone would want to embrace weakness with a passion, but your “how to be emo” instructions are below.

How to be emo meme

How to Be Emo

Here’s what you need to do to be Emo.  Be highly sensitive, complain about every single thing that’s wrong in your life and  claim to be unique.  Then, follow the emo crowd, wear black, shop at Hot Topic and hang out in the food court.  Become the ultimate conforming non conformist……just like all your black haired friends.   Whatever you do, never listen to any music or claim to like anything that may be considered “mainstream”. Also,  Nevermind the fact that that you act like you don’t care about anything, yet spend hours each day making sure you look like an Emo kid.  I have no idea why you spend more time in the mirror than a self-concious cheerleader who got dumped by the Quarterback, but with the amount of makeup and hair work your new sissy EMO lifestyle calls for, but,you may need to.

Never question why you feel the need to be a walking pity party.  And ignore the fact that your suburb life is a better life than about 95% of the entire world.  (how many Emo Ethiopians you see out there?)  Never have the realization that everyone else will have to go through something difficult at some time in their life.  And never think about the fact that people with far worse lives don’t act like a little punk, cry all day and cut themselves for attention.  There you go, now you know how to be emo.  See the gallery below for makeup and crybaby tips.

I forgot one thing.   To properly be emo and be a male, you have to wear girls “skinny jeans”.