how to spit fire out of your mouth

How to spit fire out of your mouth NOT


How to spit fire out of your mouth?  I hope you didn’t visit this site for an honest education in fire spitting.  The risk of lighting your face on fire might not be worth your amateur attempt at gaining cool points at the bar.

Drinking and showing off are always  fun but drinking and showing off with fire are almost never a good combination(though still entertaining).   After lighting myself, my lawn,, a few ammo dumps,  and a buddy’s truck on fire, I think I can talk a bit. I thoroughly enjoyed each fiery experience and was only a tad drunk when they happened.(seriously friends reading this….I wasn’t THAT drunk that time)  I’ve never billowed fire from my face, but, I’ve always wanted to be able to.  I supposed I’ve never gotten the urge to put a flammable liquid in my mouth an light it.  I just seems like a bad idea all around.  Though… I have always wished I could be a bigass green dragon that flies around shooting fire at villagers and quiet settlements. I hate villagers.

Maybe I should have joined the Air Force instead of the Army.  AC-130 gunships are about as close as you get to a flying dragon.  But, then I wouldn’t be able to be big ass lizard and have death talons……oh the tradeoffs.


The two videos below are NOT good examples of how to spit fire out of your mouth.


I’m not sure if the first chick was drunk, but it very possible.  Drinking and fire dancing girls go hand and hand. Where I live in Costa Rica there are drunk fire dancing girls every time I go out.  They call it Poi and it’s entertaining as hell!

The 2 douchbags in the 2nd video were pretty stereotypical.  Looks like a standard 20 something college backyard backyard get together. 

Hey bra…..yeah bra….hey bra……yeah bra…….joeys face in on fire.  I thought you said he knew how to spit fire?  Where’s my beer bra.

How to Spit fire.