Just in case you missed the first post, this the is Race For the Wounded team.  I’ve posted their latest crash videos mashup below the picture.  They’re doing to Baja 1000 and trying to raise $50,000 for the Wounded Warrior Project.   Scott, is the crazy one that just started riding last fall.  I’ve had the honor of meeting this extensively deployed veteran.  He can handle a carbine, but I hear his moto skills could use some practice! (he’s only been riding for 8 months)  The team has 2 more months to get ready for longest point-to-point off-road race in the world.

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Baja 1000 Wounded warrior

Seriously guys, You left the Cheezits at the hostel?  Now we’ll starve on this mountain.


Here’s a ‘Crash Videos Mash Up’ From their First Trial Run down the Baja 1000

Be advised….Strong Language and entertaining moto spills.  These guys are hilarious.

it was a Goddamn booby trap is what it was!

A message from Scott below. 

I’ve been enjoying Doodiepants.com for quite a while now and your pro-veteran themes are refreshing along with the ridiculously off base humor.  I’ve been deploying to the Middle East since we invaded Iraq in 2003. I’ve sacrificed my time, energy, friendships, and relationships. I’ve missed just about every holiday and birthday of the ones I love for the past 10 years. This is the life that I’ve chosen. However, my sacrifice is minuscule in comparison to the ones who gave the ultimate sacrifice – their life or limbs. I’m here working along side some of the bravest warriors and patriots we’ve ever known.   We, as a country, can’t lose sight that we’re still engaged in brutal combat. Our brave men and women are coming home to a country that has forgotten it is at war. These wounded warriors need your help. Our goal with this race is to raise money and awareness for the Wounded Warrior Project. Please help us get the word out for the warriors who will never ask to be thanked.

Scott, We WILL help you the get word out. We’re behind Race For the Wounded and they’re crazy ass Baja 1000 initiative.  You guys are awesome!