Marilyn Monroe For 5 Bucks – Fiverr Find

Happy birthday Marilyn Monroe.  The silver screen super babe  was born on June 1, 1926 at the Los Angeles County Hospital.  Marilyn Monroe went on to become one of the most iconic figures in female media history.  Famous for wind blown skirts, seductive bikini poses and controversial sexual prowess, she may have been the Jenna Jameson of the era.  (though she definitely one upped Jenna by banging president Kennedy)  I think it funny how people idolize her and paint her as some sort of Hollywood sweetie.  The irony is staggering. She did a lot of drugs and had a lot of sex. Keith Richards and Axel Rose would have kept her wonderful company.  If Marilyn Monroe was a starlet born in 1985, we’d likely see her today on E! getting out of rehab, dating Charlie Sheen, and partying with Paris Hilton nipple slipping and crotch shotting like there’s no tomorrow.  And……she probably would have made a sex tape and fake accidentally released it to get publicity.

 first crochet bikini

I’m Sexy and I know it

Marilyn Monroe swimsuit

I don’t workout

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Online Poker Guru In Costa Rica Busted – Poker Babes Need a Home

Been a little crazy down here in Costa Rica.  Online Poker sites have been getting busted left and right.   I don’t quite understand how the USA manages to get it’s hands into Expat money so often, but I suppose that some country offering the infrastructure for these online poker sites and poker tournaments deserves at least a small share of the earnings.   Brent Beckly from Costa Rica’s “Absolute Poker” recently got nailed by the US feds.  Sentencing for Mr. Beckly has been put off until June 28th.  He’s shooting for 12-18 months for pleading guilty.   We’ll see what the Judge says.

Absolute Poker Babes

I have a feelin' theses girls are outta work

Eight months after being charged by U.S. prosecutors in a crackdown on Internet gambling, the co-founder of online poker Web site Absolute Poker folded and pleaded guilty to criminal charges.  Brent Beckley, a co-founder of Costa Rica’s Absolute Poker, was among 11 people charged in April with violating U.S. laws against illegal gambling.  Federal prosecutors in Manhattan alleged the founders of poker Web sites Absolute Poker, PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker and others disguised billions of dollars from U.S. gamblers as payments to fake online retailers Continue Reading…


Newsflash – Half Naked Italian Women Sell More Coffee

Italian Women

One Sexpresso Please

OK, not much of a newsflash…..everyone knows that half naked women will increase sales.  But, with half naked Italian women—-double whammy!  It is interesting to watch it happen with a business that doesn’t involve strippers, hosting space or chicken wings.  Though I would totally be in support of a Hooters staffed exclusively by Italian women.

The streets in the small Italian town of Bagnolo have been recently congested around a small coffee shop.  Men from miles around come to visit this scantily clad barmaid, Laura Maggi and grab an Espresso.  Her sensual allures have exponentially upped her sales to the male population and had quite an effect on the town.  Neighbors are up in arms about the traffic and wives and girlfriends from the local area have vocally state their disgust. More Pics in full gallery below Continue Reading…


Disney’s Princess Kesha Video Sluts Up Rapunzel

An exclusive, sneak peak at the newest Disney movie; Disney’s Princess Ke$ha.  For those who thought that Ke$ha could never play a sweet, innocent Disney princess — well, you were right. The pop star puts her uniquely dirty spin on the fairy tale world in “Disney’s Princess Ke$ha,” a new video for humor website Funny or Die.  After this Kesha video, you may look are your Disney characters in a new light.

The video wins cool points for slutting up the wholesome Disney format.   For the first 30 seconds of the video, Ke$ha plays a tower-bound beauty who has just woken from her slumber, but the G-rated scene quickly turn into an R-rated party Continue Reading…


Hottest Couples of 2011

This Hottest Couples of 2011 post is only here to make you smile.  Plus it’s a nice chunk of shallowness to counteract yesterday’st mildly serious post about the end of the world and the related offensive tshirt.

By now you’ve realized that these are infact……not the Hottest couples of 2011. I suggest not theorizing what the children of these couples may look like.  I also highly suggest not imagining any of these couples in the process of making children. Hazardous……

hottest couples

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Hot Fox News Girls Equal High Ratings

If you’ve watched Fox News for any period of time, you soon realize that nearly every female personality employed by them is super hot.  It’s as if Fox News said, People like to look at beautiful people.  Why not hire only beautiful people?  This makes sound sense to me and according to their ratings; it’s working well.   CNN also has their own band of news babes and MSNBC has a few,  but I guess I’ve never noticed them.  They can’t seem to hold a candle to the multitudes of Fox News girls.   The only women I ever seem catch on there are short haired ‘man haters’, Rachel Maddow and that Pentagon correspondent Barbara Star.  They must keep the others locked up in the back room most of the time.  Bikini model Courtney Friel (best of all fox news girls) puts them all to shame.  Once again the Marketing 101 adage rings true: “Sex Sells”.

Even the angriest conservative out there, Anne Coulter isn’t too bad.  Conservative girls just don’t seem to go butch when they become politically active.  Odd thing……

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Flu Shot Makes Cheerleaders Walk Backwards

The Flu shot made this aspiring cheerleader lose the ability to walk forwards.   But she can run perfectly; and while running she can talk normally.   This is absolutely unbelievable.  At first I thought It was a “Funny or Die” skit or something from SNL.   Nope……..this is the real deal.   It’s a video with cheerleaders….watch it.

While I’m not sure if the Flu Shot also causes Non Cheerleaders to walk backwards, it appears that the vaccine may be forced upon the entire populace.  Continue Reading…