Race For the Wounded First Attempt Crash Videos

Just in case you missed the first post, this the is Race For the Wounded team.  I’ve posted their latest crash videos mashup below the picture.  They’re doing to Baja 1000 and trying to raise $50,000 for the Wounded Warrior Project.   Scott, is the crazy one that just started riding last fall.  I’ve had the honor of meeting this extensively deployed veteran.  He can handle a carbine, but I hear his moto skills could use some practice! (he’s only been riding for 8 months)  The team has 2 more months to get ready for longest point-to-point off-road race in the world.

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Baja 1000 Wounded warrior

Seriously guys, You left the Cheezits at the hostel?  Now we’ll starve on this mountain.


Here’s a ‘Crash Videos Mash Up’ From their First Trial Run down the Baja 1000

Be advised….Strong Language and entertaining moto spills. Continue Reading…


Crazy Group of Combat Vets Attempt Baja 1000

In November “Team TCB” will be racing their motorcycle in the Baja 1000 in an effort to raise $50,000 for the Wounded Warrior Project. The team consists of combat veterans representing most branches and several generations.  The Baja 1000 is the longest point-to-point off-road race in the world.  It also has the distinction of being one of the world’s most difficult and dangerous off-road races. Two team members are combat disabled veterans(with the ability to ride) and one of them just started riding last November!

I’ve kicked sand with half of these guys in various shitholes around the world and must say…….the Race For the Wounded team is ‘off the damn sprocket awesome’!  One simple thing you can do to help is to visit their Facebook page and give them a Like. If you’d like to take a more proactive step in helping the cause, read below.

Baja 1000 Wounded Warrior Project

After numerous years of accumulated time in combat zones…..these guys still think they’re invincible! Effing A Right!

Race For the Wounded launched their website last March and have had a deluge of positive feedback and support.  While totally honored and humbled by the support they’ve received, positive feedback doesn’t translate into donations.  The goal is to raise $50,000 for the Wounded Warrior Project.  They’re hovering around $8500 right now.  Hit up their page to find out how to donate. www.raceforthewounded.com   

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Poser Company “Veteran Clothing” Pisses Off Real Vets

Veteran Clothing Mily Truong

Yes….that is a Purple Heart on his shirt.

Complaints about about Billy Truong’s Veteran Clothing has been plastered all over Military and tactical gear sites for the last few days.   Why?  People originally assumed that this clothing company was owned by military veterans or was donating to veteran causes.  Unfortunately, this couldn’t be further from the truth.  Veterans are downright pissed at Billy Truong and his clothing company members.  They’ve been tromping around in Purple Heart shirts, saluting, and posing in “vet” shirts at military monuments.  Most of us former military combat arms members have friends or teammates who’ve earned that purple heart.  Some are not here with us today.  Veteran Clothing company folks seem to think it means nothing.  The site Guardian of Valor first broke this story a few days ago after numerous complaints about the companies name and products.

A ‘Veteran‘ — whether active duty, discharged, retired, or reserve — is someone who, at one point in his or her life, wrote a blank check made payable to The United States of America, for an amount of up to, and including his life. That is honor, and there are way too many people in this country today, who no longer understand that fact.  Veteran Clothing posted a formal apology (seen below) stating that they only  meant “veteran” in sense of an experienced person. Well, if they’re making it clear that they’re not affiliated with the veterans community, and they’re are using their own ‘spin’ on the meaning of ‘veteran’ as someone who has extensive experience in a field, why do people in promo pics salute, an1d copy mannerisms that a veteran of the United States Armed Forces would use.  In addition…..making a Purple heart shirt.  Does Veteran Clothing think REAL veterans are stupid? Their site is here, http://veteranclothing.tumblr.com/

Veteran Clothing Purple Heart

Wearing a Purple Heart shirt in from of memorial? Even as a veteran I wouldn’t do it.

Billy Truong has not earned the right to rock a Purple Heart or represent the award in any way shape or form. “The Purple Heart is awarded to members of the armed forces of the U.S. who are wounded by an instrument of war in the hands of the enemy and posthumously to the next of kin in the name of those who are killed in action or die of wounds received in action. It is specifically a combat decoration” (The Military Order of The Purple Heart) The Purple Heart, however, is NOT awarded to members of a some douchbag dance crew who take pictures of each other doing gangsta poses

Billy is capitalizing on the general public’s association of the word ‘veteran’ with the military.  Pretty pathetic…..and ridiculously poser.  Please watch the video below to see these tool-bags in action.  Continue Reading…


Clone Reagan For 2012

Ronald Reagan Cowboy HollywoodThis may be on of the most epic speech music compilations ever made.  This is a video of Ronald Reagan’s 1964 speech in support  of Republican Goldwater’s Presidential Campaign.  It’s over 40 years old and strikingly relevant today. Ronald Reagan was an amazing public speaker.  If only we could clone him for this next election.  He’d be nice for the coming ‘cold war part deux’ with Iran.  I have a feeling we’re in for another Southpark inspired election season where we’re once again forced to choose between a Giant Douch and a Turd Sandwich.   Rest in peace Reagan……


I’ve been watching the video before the gym.  It goes great in combination NO-Explode and meth.

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Rob Riggle Infamous Code Pink Smack Down at Berkley

This is from a couple years ago, but I had to post it.  It’s Rob Riggle at his finest. You might also remember him from the previous post The Navy Seal Who Shot Bin Laden.    Riggle goes in undercover and interviews Code Pink members protesting a Marine recruiting station.

Time and again organizations like Code Pink seem to get it wrong.  They draw few supporters from mainstream America, gain efficacy through fiery demonstrations in Washington, and consistently lash out against the wrong entities.

Here’s another video of Code Pink in action.  I cracked up when the lady responded to the Pearl Harbor question with, “What were we even doing in Hawaii anyway?” Continue Reading…


“Tier One” Operator Training Fail

Chris Collins Glock to Throat

Dummy Guns? Who needs em!

I hope this training group has good liability insurance.  It looks like another warrior ninja decided to make a tactical fighting course.  You have a bunch of “experts” coming up with untested theories and Hollywood moves then peddling them as combat ready techniques.  In reality, they’re performance art and should only be taught in Stuntman 101.  It’s movie choreography, not war-zone ready tactics.   Unfortunately for this instructor, life is not a John Woo movie.  In real world situations, when you are in a life or death fight with your enemy, they not stop resisting and wait for you to finish firing.

The founder, Chris Collins, is apparently a US Marine Force Recon vet.  Judging by his ridiculous ‘look cool’ fighting concepts,I’m guessing he’s a pre-9/11, peacetime deployment Marine.  Could be wrong though.

I thought the point of training how to fight with firearms Continue Reading…


Occupy Not Being An A-Hole For Christmas

Action figure therapy Sgt. slaughter gijoe pic

Action Figure Therapy

Action Figure Therapy is awesome!  I can’t salute these pissed off video makin’ military fans enough.   As Christmas approaches, the occupy movement becomes a perfect target for their GIJOE action figure  rant videos.  The video is below.

Best line:  Listen Sister, go ahead and talk s**t about the military all you want.  But don’t come crying to us next time some group of a-holes goes terrorizing the inhabitants of some 3rd world s**thole and then you’re begging our government on some crappy blog to go intervene on behalf of the global community to provide humanitarian aid.  Send over some of your patchouli soaked friends from your drum circle,or a couple of the white dudes with dreadlocks you jerked off at the Dave Matthews concert.

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When Call of Duty Isn’t Enough – Airsoft Heroes

Welcome to the world of airsoft.  Please keep in mind that these pictures are not of active duty units, real world security contractors, or government personnel.  These are folks that spend more money on gear than the actual BTDT’s (Been There Done That) they’re  mimicking.   You can tell by their hard looks and ‘rough and ready’ candor, some of these plastic BB shooting Special Forces posers think they’re certifiable badasses.    Check out the amazing collection of Airsoft team shots I found on various team sites. They’re kind of like Mall Ninjas,(see the infamous internet gun forum legend Gecko45) except Mall Ninjas are way more respectable. At least they carry an actual weapons and are proud of their work. Also, below the gallery, you’ll find a funny list of “You know you’re addicted to airsoft when”. Check it for a laugh. Airsoft Toolsheds unite……

Airsoft posers

When being a tactical airsoft douchebag isn’t enough, Photoshop yourself in war-zone backdrops with a trident in the corner.


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Iraq Doesn’t Get a Bailout – Trump Says Pay Up

Donald Trump yelling with Model

Like a Boss!

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“Call me old school, but I believe in the old warrior’s credo that ‘to the victor go the spoils.’ In other words, we don’t fight a war, hand over the keys to people who hate us, and leave. We win a war, take the oil to repay the financial costs we’ve incurred, and in so doing treat Iraq and everyone else fairly.”

“It’s hardly a radical idea,” continues Trump. “In September 2010, our own Government Accountability Office and others studied the issue in depth and concluded that a cost-sharing plan is feasible and wise.”

“From the very beginning of Operation Iraqi Freedom, I believed we should have hammered out the repayment plan with the Iraqis – through exiled Iraqi dissidents,” says Trump. “Oil revenues could have been used to reduce the sticker price for occupation. And there’s still no reason we can’t or shouldn’t implement a cost-sharing arrangement with Iraq.”


My Thoughts:

If you can’t win at the expense of others, than what’s the point of playing. The US got a twofer Continue Reading…


Haters Gonna Hate – M4 SOPMOD Shirt

Check out the latest Doodiepants.com T-shirt. This shirt is for the military guns and weapons lover.  The M4 SOPMOD Rifle with the famous internet meme “Haters Gonna Hate” emblazoned on the chest.  This would make an awesome Father’s Day gift.    All different styles and sizes are available.

Do a search in Google for “Zazzle Coupons”.  They usually have shipping deals or discount coupons.  I bought a few of these last week for $7 Each with a coupon code.


Haters Gonna Hate - M4 Sopmod shirt

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